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Hi all, already found a lot of helpful stuff on this thread so seemed like the best place to ask some advice

I recently got a 2016 24kwh leaf and I am panicking it was a big mistake (but I hope not bcs I love it!!)

My research suggested I could get up to 100-120 miles out of a charge, which was perfect for my relatively short commute to work and relying on public chargers

I received the car and a full charge seems to only be about 80 miles? It’s not the end of the world but I’ll just be seeking out public chargers more often than I had anticipated

I understand from the thread this could be pretty unreliable for a range of reasons such as cold weather, previous driving etc but it only has 14.5k miles on it (roughly)

I didn’t get it directly from a Nissan dealer, but I do have a 30 day warranty to return if it’s knackered so if I need to do anything I need to act

also this might be a stupid question, but do I need a different cable for rapid charging or do rapid charge have cables attached

thank you!
First, congrats on the purchase. We have a 2016 30 and don't regret it one bit.

I would expect about 80 miles from a leaf 24 although I am not the best person to answer that as i have a 30 and would expect about 100 miles real world driving (again, could be more/less with weather, driving speed etc...) My GOM (guess o meter) usually says just under 130 miles on a full charge if we've only been doing local, short journeys.

As for the charging, you are right, rapids do not need your own cable, they are attached to the charger. Fast changing will often need a type 2 to type 1 cable (the type often found at supermarkets or home installations).
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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