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Just thought I would share my nightmare experience with EV Charging. We are new to this electric vehicle malarkey. The Boss Lady oreder an Outlander PHEV. Unbeknown to me she registered for a free home charger via Chargemaster, they emailed her to get her to contact EV Charging Centre t arrange an appointment.

At the same time I had contacted a local company, Solway renewables who were really helpful expliaing the various options , type 2 sockets etc etc. Unfortunately I coudlnt proceed as an appointment had been made with EV Charging centre, Tuesday 19th 9:00

I arrnged for a half day holiday on Tuesday 19th. received a call on the preceding Friday to say the stock hadnt arrived and could we re-arrange for 26th 10:00. Not happy to have to take another 1/2 day but reluctantly accepted. They were patronising and kept saying 'sorry' but couldnt explain why I had been led up the proverbial path and lied to. Pathetic customer service IMHO (actuall worse than that but didnt want to use naughty words:eek:)

Yesterday called Suzanne from Solway Renewables (the local company) who is making arrangements for us. As we are now having to do this via the new scheme thsi will take a little while to process the papwerwork etc. Why didnt I just get Solway to do it when EV first cancelled - kicking myself.

Cannot stress how helpful Suzanne has been. Perhaps EV Charging should pay her to train their staff on how to deal with Customers.

Moral of the story. Deal with local companies who you can trust wherever possible:cool:
At least your car has the backup dino juice, it's a lot more frustrating for BEV's when this kind of thing happens...!
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