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Niro - longer term reliability

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Probably not an easy one to answer since the Niro was only first released in 2016, but here goes anyway..
I was wondering how well the Nero models generally (including ICE variants) are holding up after 4 or 5 years ? Not thinking just about battery or drivetrain, but more general things like suspension, tyres, rust, paintwork, water ingress etc. Has anyone out there got an early Niro ? Have any specific problems developed ?
I'm looking at getting an e-Niro 3, but would expect (hope) to keep it for at least the full seven years of the warranty - and maybe even longer if I'm still about and able to drive.. !
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Earliest EV Models are Late 2018 i believe so not that old. You wont find anybody on here to comment on the ICe variants :ROFLMAO:

With the extended warranty though i wouldnt worry.
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