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Niro - longer term reliability

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Probably not an easy one to answer since the Niro was only first released in 2016, but here goes anyway..
I was wondering how well the Nero models generally (including ICE variants) are holding up after 4 or 5 years ? Not thinking just about battery or drivetrain, but more general things like suspension, tyres, rust, paintwork, water ingress etc. Has anyone out there got an early Niro ? Have any specific problems developed ?
I'm looking at getting an e-Niro 3, but would expect (hope) to keep it for at least the full seven years of the warranty - and maybe even longer if I'm still about and able to drive.. !
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Yes, I thought about that.. afterwards.. ;) But the reason I mentioned ICE is that someone might have had one in the past before their current ev.. but things like build quality, paint quality or water ingress surely would be common to both as they're based on the same platform..
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