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Is Nissan wrong to refer to a NEW Leaf?

  • Models should have a clear designation.

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I'm a great fan of Nissan - even though my EV is an iMiev. I would probably swop to a Tekna in a flash - but the trade in prices offered for a used EV are quite insulting!

So when I receive messages about the NEW Leaf - I think I am about to discover a new model that would make the Tekna a 'no brainer'!

So I read a about 'new' Nissan Note, 'new' Qasquai - followed by the 'new' Leaf and I read in depth - looking for the 70 improvements!

However, its a spoof - there is the 'original' Leaf and the 'updated' Leaf - but it has not been new for over 6 months! I really don't want to be sent love-hearts and watch slick videos - that tell me nothing new! Like: Accessible & Trendy

EV Matters considers that we are now seeing the Leaf being marketed with the same psychology as followed (very successfully) by Apple! We are not getting a Mark-designation nor are we getting Model-year designation! There making it making it fuzzy - and probably designed to catch the unwary!

What I also fear that using the same principles the Nissan will not have a traditional evolution of 'upgrades' - but Nissan can be expected to make us wait 2-3 years for a step-up. Not a step up simply to attract new buyers - but more of a step up to ensure existing owners can't resist changing their cars!

Look how it has worked so well with iPad and iPhone!

EV Matters considers that EV production will not rise in an exponential manner - manufacturers (not just Nissan) are going to continue to make it a premium product - with balanced supply and demand. As early adopter we have paid premium prices for buying into low performance vehicles - but our optimism for cheaper and better performing EVs is almost certainly misplaced!

EV Matters considers that an incremental approach to 'available range' may not happen - nor can we expect to have a scaleable price on battery size and therefore range!

EV is a cat-and-mouse game between legislators and car manufacturers. Yes the cars will be produced - but not in volume. The prices will be maintained high to minimise losses (profit on EV seem unlikely). The market can be expected to bumble along like that - maddening those of us who see the enormous potential!

So Nissan - do CALL ME WHEN YOU HAVE SOMETHING NEW to sell! In the meantime I can do without the 'smaltzy' marketting!

Drive ON!
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