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Three maybe four times now I've found that the Nissan Connect EV app is unable to query up to date status from the car such as state of charge.

When this happens you can keep trying to refresh but it just times out without any errors and without an updated SoC. (It just keeps showing the last known SoC and time/date when that was obtained, with the date/time not updating)

Today it happened again and I've just realised what the cause is, verified it and wanted to share the solution to avoid others having this happen. :)

It's pretty simple really - if you turn the car on and then turn it off again without pressing OK on the connected services screen you will get no telematics from the car back to the app from then on. :rolleyes:

Switching the car off while it's still at the screen where you press OK or Cancel (or perhaps even before that screen appears ??) is treated the same as if you had pressed Cancel. So until you turn the car on next time and do press OK, no telematics. The fix is to simply turn the car on again, press OK, then turn it off.

I got home not long ago and for reasons I don't remember after turning the car off I turned it back on again for a few seconds then off again without pressing OK, and then put the car on charge. After I was inside I noticed I couldn't query the SoC as the car was charging, I tried several times over about 15 minutes but nothing.

I remembered that I'd turned the car on and off without pressing OK and had a hunch that might be related, so while it was still charging I turned it on, pressed OK, turned it off, came back inside, checked on the app and hey presto SoC querying is working again. :D

I don't know for sure if this prevents the use of remote climate control (I forgot to test it) but on one previous occasion where this had happened I was unable to use remote climate control as well, so I suspect pressing cancel or turning the car off without pressing OK completely disables connected services including remote climate.

So there's a tip of the day for Leaf owners who are having problems with connected services not seeming to work sometimes - always press OK and don't turn the car off with it still on or before the confirmation screen!

Something to keep in mind if you have to turn the car back on again briefly to fold the mirrors...
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