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You asked, I asked and in most cases Nissan answered...

It would be good if Nissan can clarify if there is any liquid cooling of the battery pack as there seems to be conflicting information regarding this.
You may have read this elsewhere already, but what is actually going on is cooling only during rapid charging. This seems to be the only area of concern for the Nissan techs, and they believe the e-NV200 will likely be rapid charged much more often than a LEAF in its day-to-day life. It doesn't heat/cool the battery during any other time (driving, slow charges etc). They also said this isn't going to go on the LEAF any time soon, but you never know in future.

It would also be good to know the average range achieved by the 50 e-NV200's British Gas tested over the winter.
Totally forgot to ask this.

Can you ask when they'll add SuperCharging capability?
I didn't ask this, there didn't seem an appropriate time to drop it in. Certainly not something the e-NV200 will have any time soon.

Hi Paul. I am a soon to be Leaf owner as of Thursday this week so just venturing out into the world of EV. Could you ask if they will be doing a 5-7 day test drive program. Would really like to consider the new van for our florist shop but would need a protracted test drive to see if it could be fit for purpose. Thanks Phil
There are plans afoot to implement this as they understand that many businesses will need to spend "real time" with the vehicles. Essentially it'll be a fleet and SME programme for extended test drives.

Any plans for a larger version ? I think the nv200 is a smallish van....
They didn't really touch on other future variants, I think this what we'll see for the short-medium term though.

Also, range when fully loaded?
Few points on this. First one is they say the van loses approximately 3% charge per 100kg of load.

The additional point made was that with the weight, depending on the route/driving style, you can actually gain back more energy using brake regeneration due to the increased weight/mass of the vehicle when fully laden.

Again, usual rapid charging stuff, as a van they need a more comprehensive and 24/7 network of rapids for me to drop into! ;)
Charging options much the same as LEAF.

No plans for 22 kWh charger a la Renault, they're doing their own thing still it would seem.

Will they offer a larger battery capacity if customers feel they need more range in future models?
Again no mention of this. They believe the current van will meet the needs or around 35% of small businesses in Europe, and that's a potential of about 200,000 customers I believe they had calculated.

Looks big in your pics, feel much bigger when you're in the drivers seat?
Feels bigger than the LEAF, but it's really nice to drive. Before the LEAF I owned and S-Max and it felt more comfortable, smooth and maybe smaller than that did.

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Working for a multi - franchised dealer the Leaf was my favourite and my choice of company car. I'm told we are expecting an e-nv200 5 seater within the next few weeks so another option as a company car. I'll be sure to report on the differences between the two but without driving and seeing it I don't know if I'll permanently want to swap.
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