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Nissan ePower - Good or Evil?

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I guess it is inevitable that Nissan will introduce their "ePower" serial-hybrid tech into Europe, to compete with Toyota hybrids. They can even do the same "No need to plug in" advertising :rolleyes:

Is more hybrid choice (non plug in) good or evil? Or something in the middle?

Incidentally, I get annoyed when the press use REX to describe a car powered 100% by petrol. Talk about confusing the public - "Ooh the Nissan REX is much cheaper than the BMW i3"

Nissan to END Diesel car sales in UK and Europe | Cars UK
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I say “EVIL“ manufacturers are dressing ‘MILD’ hybrids up as full hybrids and the general public believe all the hype.

i had a ct200h full hybrid that could genuinley drive several flat miles on electric power only. These later hybrids are not what people assume, they assist the petrol engine only.

probably due to increasing need for materials for bevs that hybrids are not what they were. Atm they are a pointless stop gap
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