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This app (on Android) used to be unusable because it was so slow (I only really ever used it to start the remote heating). I had switched over to using the QuickLeaf android app which has a one click widget button to start the climate control. Once you clicked the button, it would do it's thing in the background and would even make up to 3 attempts to start it. However, this stopped working for some reason a few weeks back so I had to switch back to the Nissan EV app and noticed how much quicker it was.

Previously when launching the app, it would take an age to get to the main screen. Switching the climate control tab would then take another huge delay and then clicking the start climate would take another age to do it's thing.

Now, the app gets to it's main screen almost straightaway, flicking to the climate control tab is almost instant and then clicking the start climate button is a relatively short delay.
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