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BMW i3 extended warranty was £800 for 1 year with £250 excess on a claim. Covers some wear and tear items though.
Or at present £1060/year with no excess. Both include breakdown cover. Policy provided by Allianz. Car must have covered less than 60,000 miles also.

So Nissan one not THAT expensive but that is compared to the "WTF?!" BMW extended warranty price.

As others have advised in the past, you can take a chance, as the Nissan is pretty reliable, put that warranty money in a separate bank account or your sock drawer, and then IF something goes wrong in that first year, hopefully that money will cover it. And at least you can take the car to an EV independent service centre, which there are more of nowadays. But fair chance nothing will go wrong and that money can be used to treat yourself at the end of the year.
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