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Approx 2 months ago I purchased a 2015 Nissan Leaf Tekna 24kwh model.
36500 miles. Private sale.

Car is clean and tidy with no issues. Covered 2000 miles to date. Still showing 12 bar battery.

When I purchased the car it had a few months remaining of an extended Nissan warranty.
This gives me the option to extend for another year as the vehicle is under 7 years old/100,000 miles.

I was expecting the cost to be closer to £250, which I would of likely of gone with!
Anyone else think this is excessive? Or had similar quotes?
Personally judging by the relative lack of major issues I've heard about from owners, I'd be inclined to check the battery using LeafSpy, If everything looked ok I'd also rather put the cash in a savings account while ever you owned the car. There really isn't that many major common issues associated with the Leaf.
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