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Nissan leaf 2022

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Can someone help me turn on cameras notifications on the sat nav
I have been through the nav settings and couldn’t find anything

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I Haven't played with a 2022 Model, but know from previous models that it wasn't a standard feature. If you had the system with the smaller screen used in lower trim levels you could pay a fee to download the camera data and enable alerts.

Since you have a 2022 Model it will support smartphone screen mirroring though. So you could always just plug your phone in and use Google Maps which has free camera alerts.

Hopefully someone with experience of this model year will be along soon to advise if this is now a standard feature. But I suspect it likely isn't still.
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I have another question regarding the remaining miles that are displayed next to the battery does that take into account the way you drive? E.g miles/kWh?
Yes. I Believe it's approximately the last 15 miles of driving, as well as your drive mode, HVAC Setting, and outdoor+battery temperatures that are all taken into account when guessing the remaining range.

Still not hugely accurate however.
I see so when you say the last 15 miles does that mean for the rest it doesn’t take into account all those factors?
I’m finding it really hard to get good efficiency
The best I can get is 3.0 miles/kWh I do mainly motorway driving
I used to drive a Hyundai ioniq and was getting very good efficiency with that so I thought I would atleast get close to 3.5 or so
Any tips to increase this?
The Hyundai Ioniq is one of the very most efficient EVs to have ever been made. The LEAF is not so much. Unfortunately you'll never get close to it. Your current efficiency sounds about right for this model.

There's not a lot you can really do to increase this other than dropping your speed and sitting behind a HGV, minimising the use of the heater, preheating the car while plugged in before departure etc. Otherwise it's just a case of swapping your car again for a Hyundai Ioniq or Kona, or a Tesla Model 3. These are generally regarded the top 3 for efficiency if you're needing more range than your current car can give you... Obviously I appreciate that most people aren't really in a position where they can just change their car at will however.
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