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Nissan leaf 2022

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Can someone help me turn on cameras notifications on the sat nav
I have been through the nav settings and couldn’t find anything

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I see so when you say the last 15 miles does that mean for the rest it doesn’t take into account all those factors?
I’m finding it really hard to get good efficiency
The best I can get is 3.0 miles/kWh I do mainly motorway driving
I used to drive a Hyundai ioniq and was getting very good efficiency with that so I thought I would atleast get close to 3.5 or so
Any tips to increase this?
Sitting at around 61mph per the Speedo I get close to 4 which I think is pretty good. Drift up to 70 and it goes down rapidly. Also the Cruise Control drops the efficiency too.
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I contacted NissanConnect via live chat and quickly discovered that the dealer had got me to download the wrong app. Once I had the correct app downloaded (NissanConnect) everything else went as planned and I paired up to it easily enough. The live chat guy responded extremely quickly and was very helpful indeed. Successfully scheduled charge overnight using my Ohme EV charge point.

Next challenge is to use public charge points on a journey over the next couple of days.
Look for one that takes card payments and avoid messing with proprietary apps!
For sure, but EV charge points seem to be hard to find in these parts. The one we plan to use first on route is a Moto service station with Gridserve charge points and that is apparently a regular credit card. The next one is Genie Point or Zap-Pay. I have registered with Zap-Pay so that for many I will only have 1 app to use. Our next trip, in a couple of weeks, is to Scotland visiting relatives and that seems to be dominated by ChargePlaceScotland so I have registered with them and have that app ready.
If there is s as n option to get RFID cards it can be easier than the app, which can get in a knot and also you need Internet access for the apps.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts