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Nissan leaf 2022

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Can someone help me turn on cameras notifications on the sat nav
I have been through the nav settings and couldn’t find anything

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My 2018 LEAF 40 had speed camera notifications, when I upgraded to LEAF 62 in 2020 it had the new larger screen and TomTom sat nav and regrettably speed camera notifications are no longer available.
In answer to the first question concerning the "Energy Usage Screen" - when the climate control is turned on (A/C button on) the system makes an assessment using different parameters such as internal and external temperature and makes a calculation. The system calculates what energy will need to be expended and the energy that need to be drawn from the battery. It then converts the expected expended energy to miles of range that will not be available for driving and automatically deducts this figure from the available driving range, shown.

This is the figure shown in the right-hand corner of the energy usage screen, it is giving you the informed choice of how much extra range over not using the climate control. Also, when the system brings the demand under control and the heat pump is able to work more efficiently, then the range loss will reduce or sometimes it can get colder outside, and it can increase.

Turn the A/C on and you get a minus figure (-5 miles) or turn the A/C off, and you get a plus figure (+5 miles) for example.

If you want extra range, rather than sacrificing heating and demisting, then I would press the ECO Button, turning ECO on reduces the energy draw and prioritises extra range.

When the range hits zero, there is 3.5 Kwh left in the battery which safely gives 8 extra winter miles (about 13 in the summer) - I have measured it with LeafSpy.- but best not to regularly get that low, it causes the battery a lot of stress.
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