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Nissan leaf 2022

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Can someone help me turn on cameras notifications on the sat nav
I have been through the nav settings and couldn’t find anything

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Regarding speed camera warning alert. This is illegal in some EU countries and euro cars stopped fitting this feature to protect customers from prosecution. You now have a sensor user can set that warns you when you exceed speed limit.

old system is still legal in UK but turn it off when in EU.
Not a clue .
These screens I haven’t used in over 50,000 miles of Leaf driving. They don’t help improve the drivers knowledge or enjoyment of driving in my humble opinion.

The map screen when you find it with range overlay screen is just as weird and irrelevant to using the car.

Just go out and enjoy the journey and ignore allscreens except MPH (to keep your license) and battery % to stop and charge before 10% (to keep moving).

enjoy the car don’t study it. They are FUN to drive and we need as much of that as we can get.
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40 KWH charge every 90 miles

60 KWH charge every 160 miles

any extra miles is a bonus.

remaining at zero varies with so many things temps, driver style, hills, use of heater.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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