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Here I am selling my Nissan Leaf 24kw Tekna.

We have owned the car for nearly 1 year. But with my little one getting bigger and needing to carry more stuff, we have needed to change to a bigger car! The car has always been driven and never been stuck on the drive during lockdowns here in the uk. We have always used the 7kw charging point we have at home and only rapid charged twice. As you can see in the pictures there are scuffs and light scratches here and there as expected for the age of the car. But overall it is a very tidy car and drives lovely. The car has 42,817 miles but miles will go up due to wife needing it for commuting to work. Annoyingly a few weeks ago, someone decided to scratch my car but it’s only small (can see in picture)

The car is due a service end of next month but happy to knock off £200 from the listed price as this is the price I have been told it will cost from local Nissan dealer.

There is still outstanding finance on the car. But once money has been transferred to my bank. I will call the finance company in person for peace of mind.

As you can see there is still 12 bars for the battery health. When I collected the car March 2020, leaf spy said SOH is 95.56%. I doubt very much this has gone down much more.

MOT is not until November 2021 and comes with 2 keys.

Car comes with the 3 pin granny charger and type 2 to type 1 charging cable to use in public charging points.

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