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nissan leaf 39kw

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thinking of getting a Nissan leaf 39 kw has this car got deferred charging so i can set the charging to start at 00.30 hours as i do with my Corsa?
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The LEAF 39 has 37.5 Kwh available when new expect that to reduce to 35Kwh at 3 years old with battery degradation.

Expect 150 + miles range in warm conditions and 110 miles range in worst winter. conditions.
Rather confusing that it used to be the Leaf 40, now it's known as the Leaf 39 (which is the EV Database useable figure), if usable is 37.5! Not sure quite what's going on there.

The Leaf 39/40/37.5 will beat a Corsa in some respects and in other respects be beaten by it, so seems like a sideways move. As long as that is accepted, no problem.
I had an original leaf 2 zero which I had new in 2018, it was promoted by NISSAN as the leaf 40, but it’s battery capacity was 39 (now they are more honest and advertise it as the leaf 39). LeafSpy confirmed that only 37.5 KWh is available, the leaf is reasonably efficient (not super efficient) so a decent range is achievable for what is a large vehicle and by today’s standards, a relatively small capacity battery (class leading in 2018 of course, but today relatively poor).

I could never understand why NISSAN didn’t up rate the pack to 50 Kwh using the 62 battery case, it certainly would be a more attractive Proposition.
So, EV Database is definitely wrong that 39 is the useable figure?

And, if we included all the buffer (the bit that we aren't allowed to use, so as to protect the battery), would we get 39 or 40 or some other figure? (37.5 useable to 39 total gives only 1.5 kWh buffer, which seems very small for a battery of this size.)
Wait, on the new Leaf, the charge timer is set via D-pad in the dashboard!?!

That's a backwards step from the infotainment touchscreen for things that are set when stationary.
I always set timers on mine (Leaf e+ n-Connecta) using the D-pad. There are two timers, and I set them a while back to the two times I tend to use the most, so if I have to do anything at all, it is usually simply turning one off and the other on. Takes less than 30 seconds. I'm not sure the infotainment screen would be any quicker than physical buttons: you are pressing stuff with your fingers in both cases. If anything, even when stationary, the physical buttons are more reliable for pressing.
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