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Nissan LEAF first service... what to expect?

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Should probably have asked this BEFORE I dropped the LEAF in this
morning, but what should I expect (paperwork, tests, reports and such) from a first service for a Nissan LEAF? Battery health check report? Anything else more or less than a regular service?

Been a while since I've had any new car serviced, and never an electric one!
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Had my first service last week at Shrewsbury Nissan.

First one they have done. 18,000 miles driven since October 2013.

£98 inc vat. Tyres down to 5 mm. When I asked about the battery check they hadn't done it as their machine was down. Offered to do it next week, agreed it was part of the service. I like to think they were going to tell me this if I hadn't asked.....
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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