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Nissan LEAF first service... what to expect?

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Should probably have asked this BEFORE I dropped the LEAF in this
morning, but what should I expect (paperwork, tests, reports and such) from a first service for a Nissan LEAF? Battery health check report? Anything else more or less than a regular service?

Been a while since I've had any new car serviced, and never an electric one!
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Just had my 1st Leaf service. 10.5K on the clock.
Battery health check told me nothing at all, they appear to have just analysed my charging records and confirmed that I occasionally use rapid chargers, that I don't tend to do top up charges and that I don't leave the car with full charge for extended periods...strange I already knew all that!
5+ mm left on all tyres, unlike Paul I keep all four wheels on the road when cornering.
Brakes are showing no wear, thats regen for you.
£95 - If all services are this cheap it pushes down the cost of motoring still further...I'm happy!
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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