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Nissan LEAF first service... what to expect?

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Should probably have asked this BEFORE I dropped the LEAF in this
morning, but what should I expect (paperwork, tests, reports and such) from a first service for a Nissan LEAF? Battery health check report? Anything else more or less than a regular service?

Been a while since I've had any new car serviced, and never an electric one!
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Didn't get my battery report.

Did discover I need two new tyres. At 8.5k miles.

Ypu can ask for a battery report but it doesn't tell you anything of interest really. Just a gauge like the one on dash with remaining capacity and report on how your driving is good or bad, how many rapid charges good or bad, no stats like you get with leaf spy!
I rotated tyres at 10k. Still well above low wear indicators.. you must just drive in mk as my mileage is half mk and half A road and motorway!
I just called Nissan Milton Keynes, they quoted £120 but would match the quote I had from Nissan Aylesbury of £95
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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