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Nissan Leaf is no longer the best selling BEV

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In 2018 it’s now officially the Tesla Model 3:

Global August Sales: Model 3 Dominates, Tesla #1 Overall

Leaf sales look like they’re going backwards, so there’s no chance of catching up now. Not when the M3 is being delivered at twice the monthly rate of the Leaf.
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Well I know VAG group BEV's have decent profit in them as well as nissan and Renault. Renault's is probably the slimmest of the profits but in Europe volumes it adds back up.
How do you know? Some inside info? Being handmade in the ex-Phaeton factory I seriously doubt they make much gross margin and no way have they recouped R&D costs yet.

I have only considered the eGolf as they sold so few eUp they can't have made any return on that investment!
I know for the factory/group and the dealership level, there is a good chunk of profit in them and if they could get more out the doors they would do. Dealers are restricted in how many they can order due to lead times.
At factory level it was battery packs and still is to some extent that inhibited supply but the pheaton unit was never really designed to build the amount of units that they have been pushing out
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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