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Glyn Hopkin EV Business Development Manager
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Updating our stock items as Toomey Nissan, Basildon

ex demo, blue with grey cloth, FLEX. Reply to my inbox or call me on 01268 407464

Many Thanks

Leaf lover
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Hello Darren, good to meet you the other day.

If you remember my view is that Nissan should have carried on keeping (what is still a difficult decision, going 100% electric) things simple.
As it is we now have a series of question when looking at Leaf adds (look on ebay, some of the adds have Leaf as manual, one even said it was petrol).

For any Leaf, essential question,
Is it outright purchase or is there a battery lease agreement (flex)?
Does it have rapid charging capability?
Which home charging, standard 3.3 kw or 6.6kw?
Which trim, black leather, dark grey (black) or the light grey???
Has it got satnav?
Alloys or not?

I am sure other forum members will add more essential question.
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