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Nissan UK Dealership Rapid Charge Network

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This discussion is intended to help locate and verify the availability of rapid charging (CHAdeMO) across the Nissan UK dealership network.

An original list of 50 dealerships offering CHAdeMO rapid charging has been sourced via Nissan UK (August 2014 - thanks to @flipper for the original link) and the list will be updated to reflect the experiences of and feedback from the Speak EV community.

Points to note are things such as out of hours availability, experience of non-Nissan EV owners and other notes such as locations or whether the chargers are/can be self serve RFID card requirements and such.
  • Nissan Motors GB Ltd (HQ) - WD3 9YS - 24/7 access
  • Nissan Sunderland Plant (Gateshead College) - 24/7 access - Charge Your Car Network via @Colin
  • Nissan offices at Cranfield and the Sunderland production plant have their own staff only rapid chargers.
Please note this is for dealers with CHAdeMO rapids only, not all charger types.

While I'll try to keep the list up to date via my own efforts and community feedback, please always check with your planned destination before heading off and do NOT rely on this to be definitive.
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In the absence of any other replies from people with actual experience of that charger...
Yeomans Nissan PO7 7XW - electric car charge points comments say open 24/7

PlugShare - Find Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Near You comments also say open 24/7

Instavolt rapid just over the road, as an alternative.

Sorry to answer an old query but I just stumbled across this thread looking for a different dealer's charging arrangements.

Yeomans of Waterlooville (aka Nissan Portsmouth even though they're 10 miles away !) used to make their rapid charger available 24/7. That changed to 'office hours only' in Nov 2018. But as TVEV pointed out there is an alternative rapid charger on the nearby petrol station forecourt. Alas, they're not free and probably don't do complimentary coffee either so I'll try & get to Yeomans during their opening hours..
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What I really wanted to know is whether or not Glyn Hopkin Ltd of St Albans have a Chademo unit ?

Their page on the Nissan website says "Rapid Charging Points" but Zap-Map only shows a 7kW unit on Polar network at their site. I'll probably ring up and ask before I actually visit but I'd expect someone here would actually know.
When I use Nissan chargers I usually phone them up to check ithat it is OK to use it and to find out if it is working.
Plugshare suggests they have a Chademo. charger including photos of it.
Thanks JK.
I was intending to ring them anyway - but thought it best to wait until nearer the time of my proposed trip. But well in advance of trip I can already check out best route to get there (it looks pretty straightforward off M1 J7-8) .

Without actually checking, I'm fairly confident that Nissan & Plugshare are right and Zap-map wrong but there's a nagging doubt that perhaps Plugshare have removed their reference on purpose and the others haven't caught up yet.

With St A, I can get there from home, recharge & continue to S coast. Without St A, I'd probably be topping up at GH's Milton Keynes site then looking for somewhere else during rest of trip.
Thanks JK.
I was intending to ring them anyway - but thought it best to wait until nearer the time of my proposed trip. But well in advance of trip I can already check out best route to get there (it looks pretty straightforward off M1 J7-8) .
I did ring and GH confirmed rapid available. Now actually there and it's probably best Nissan site I've ever used ! Four dedicated parking spaces, all clear as I arrived. Served by two rapids and one 7kW Polar outlet.
Staff very welcoming.

Just one slight snag (no fault of GH of course) apparently M25 is gridlocked so I'll need to work out a diversion.
Called again at Glyn Hopkin on way home yesterday : access just as easy, staff just as helpful.

My intention last Wednesday had been to travel round M25 then down to Worthing for a further top-up. Alas, lost so much time diverting off M25 and through congested streets & roadworks that I wouldn't have got to Worthing in time to charge so stopped at Pease Pottage service area on A23 where unfortunately the EH pump was online so I had to pay 30ppu for enough juice to complete my journey. And even without the payment, PP service area is a nightmare to get in & out of.
The Nissan charging network definitely seems to be deteriorating !

On a recent trip from Chesterfield to Essex, I had no problems charging at Glyn Hopkin, Cambridge on the way down and again on way home.

Although passing close to Bury St Edmunds, I avoided the Nissan dealership there as it is shown on Zapmap as charging £5 to use the rapid charger. Is this the only dealership that charges ?

Couldn't see a dealership in Colchester or Chelmsford but happy to use the Lidl/Podpoint charger at Maldon and also had a couple of 7kW charges at Asda supermarkets. At the moment I have a 3 month trial with Polar but won't be renewing when it expires. It seems somewhat unfair that Asda donate the electricity for 'their' chargers but instead of making it available to all, only people with a Polar card (& possibly CYC ?) can use them.

Where my problems with Nissan dealerships started was in Leicestershire. I diverted to use the charger at Nissan, Leicester (a facility I've used several times in the past and thought pretty reliable) but found charger out of order. "Not to worry", I thought - Loughborough is only 10 miles up the road and it's on the way home. Alas, their Chademo is also out of order and salesman told me it's been that way for several months and it seems unlikely ever to be repaired. I managed a hour at 7kW there and limped home.
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Glynn Hopkin Nissan in Colchester have a Rapid and a 7kW
That's a bit annoying ! We were staying in Colchester and I checked for local facilities on ZapMap : they're showing GH only as a Renault dealer so I didn't bother looking at them !
Are you "EricMe" who posted the latest comment on that site?
Certainly am.

On forums like this, I try to use 'Eric' as a username; if that's already taken I add the first letter of surname and if necessary extend that to 2nd , 3rd etc

But back to ZapMap : it's pretty annoying that a year ago somebody pointed out that GH was also a Nissan dealership with a Chamedo, 'Admin' acknowledged that - but never actually updated listing.
Now we have @marktechpm on board, perhaps he can get something done. :)
It is (sort of) corrected now !

The Renault & Nissan dealerships each have a separate listing. However, you can't actually see them separately unless you increase magnification of map to such an extent that only part of Colchester fills the entire screen; at any lower mag the Nissan flag is hidden behind the Renault one !

I suppose it might be useful if you've set the filter to include "Nissan Dealership" (and perhaps a couple of more general networks) but if just browsing Essex at a sensible magnification you still won't find the Nissan place.
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