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Nissan UK Dealership Rapid Charge Network

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This discussion is intended to help locate and verify the availability of rapid charging (CHAdeMO) across the Nissan UK dealership network.

An original list of 50 dealerships offering CHAdeMO rapid charging has been sourced via Nissan UK (August 2014 - thanks to @flipper for the original link) and the list will be updated to reflect the experiences of and feedback from the Speak EV community.

Points to note are things such as out of hours availability, experience of non-Nissan EV owners and other notes such as locations or whether the chargers are/can be self serve RFID card requirements and such.
  • Nissan Motors GB Ltd (HQ) - WD3 9YS - 24/7 access
  • Nissan Sunderland Plant (Gateshead College) - 24/7 access - Charge Your Car Network via @Colin
  • Nissan offices at Cranfield and the Sunderland production plant have their own staff only rapid chargers.
Please note this is for dealers with CHAdeMO rapids only, not all charger types.

While I'll try to keep the list up to date via my own efforts and community feedback, please always check with your planned destination before heading off and do NOT rely on this to be definitive.
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I rang them today and it is a charge for everyone. I was sure I was told I could get a free charge at the dealer network when I bought the car
Tbat used to be the case yes.
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