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I've been trying to get a smart meter since Sept 20 so I can move to the Go tariff. I managed to get one fitted in October but it never got a smart connection. Octopus finally arranged for it to be replaced today but the installer says there wasn't enough room and left it. I wasn't in so didn't get to speak to him.

I spoke to original installer though who had originaly said the same thing but then managed to sort it. So I'm wondering what my options are?

Is it possible to move the small consumer unit from the meter box into the garage and then run my charger (and possibly another one) from that?

This is current set up in the box View attachment 141122
I have that same meter and its working on my Octopus Go tariff. It was originally installed by Bulb but i switched in September when they hiked their prices.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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