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I have a Pod Point Home Pod. A neighbor reported to me this morning that the Home Pod is making noises when plugged into the Ampera. It isn't all the time. I have heard it once and he heard it this morning after the car had finished charging but was still plugged in.

The noise is the relay in the home pod clicking as it cuts in and out. It clicks about every few seconds and not all the time.

Does anyone have the same issue? You would need a Home Pod to notice it but I guess that most Ampera owners would be charging through the charging cable that is in the boot so for you this might not apply. It is only going to be noticed if you have a home charging pod.

My guess is that itis the battery thermal management. The Nissan Leaf does not have thermal management and the Leaf does not cause this clicking from the pod. This is a complete guess though.

I have no idea if this is normal, a problem with the car or a problem with the pod.

More investigations required I think but do you have any suggestions?
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