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If you see a car you’re at least half interested in and there a For Sale sticker on it do stop to read it? I know I do.
The other day I was approached whilst loading my car and the usual
Question, how many miles can you go on a full charge?
Answer (my usual) on a day like this 70 miles. (I have a lovely blue Leaf gen 1)
But they don’t get away that easily. No sirry. Depending on my mood they get all sorts of drivel.
This time I said that I read somewhere I may well have saved £4,500 in fuel since purchase.

Anyway this had me thinking I could have a “not FOR SALE” sticker on my car.
The idea being, the big words FOR SALE and £4.500 attract the punters attention and the little words tell the story of just how great the car is.

I’ll have to give it a go once I have worked out the small print.
Of course I’ll have to direct them to follow this forum for the facts.
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