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out of interest how many of the ZCW posts are 22kW?
None of the first 500 donations are 22kW but I believe that many of the next 500 will be. The reason is simply a growing awareness amongst commercial organisations that they need to match charging with visitor 'dwell time' in order to justify the long term investment.

IMO we will find that companies like ikea stop installing 'rapid' chargers once they start paying for the installation. The reason is simple.... they don't want customers stopping for ~30 minutes.

I havent needed to level 2 charge yet, my usage being quite different to many though
I think your usage pattern is probably similar to many in 'short' range EV's.... the majority of people who travel today (and in the future) use longer range EV's like the Ampera, i3 REX, Tesla Model S, etc.

if I could charge at 22kW with a normal cable that would be super nice.
Today your AC charge rate is limited by your car... however, third party AC charger upgrades are available and I have no doubt we will see many fitted in the future.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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