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Home of the Energy Storage Hub.

The changing generation mix is transforming the way we need our networks to perform. The intermittency of renewables has led to a heightened need for new ways to balance loads. Installing storage is the key to enhanced network flexibility. Learn how to prepare your company for a flexible future at the Energy Storage Hub – the first of its kind – hosted at Future of Utilities: Smart Energy.

Meet the entire value chain under one roof at the Energy Storage Hub, so that you can gain the most contacts from your limited time out of the office.

Speakers include:
Steve Cox, Engineering & Technical Director, Electricity North West
Fiona Howarth, Chief Executive Officer, Octopus Electric Vehicles
Nick Proctor,
Chief Executive Officer, amber energy
James Kirimy,
Head of Electric Vehicles & Infrastructure, Uber
Robert Owens,
VP Asset Optimisation, SmartestEnergy
Marcus Stewart,
Head of Energy Insight, National Grid
David Hill,
Commercial Director, Open Energi
Gregory Poilasne,
Chief Executive Officer, NUVVE
Martin Brough, Director – Utilities Research, Deutsche Bank
Mark Turrell,
Director, Capitas Finance
Olivier Fricot,
Co-Head of Power, Investec
Ben Godfrey, Network Strategy Team Manager, Western Power Distribution
Ismini Dimitriadou,
Innovation Manager, UK Power Networks
Rick Parfett
, Policy Officer, The Association for Decentralised Energy
Henry Phillips,
Policy Advisor – Energy Team, Office for Low Emission Vehicles
Goran Strbac,
Professor of Electrical Energy Systems, Imperial College London

Interested? Check out the full information here so that you can see how it all fits together: http://bit.ly/2CAPlYc
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