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I wanted to leave my OBD adapter permanently attached to my car but obviously the OBD panel can't be re-attached when the adapter is in situ.

One of the white connectors on this splitter is a perfect fit into the original trim hole. I know there are other splitters available but I took a chance on this particular one as the white connectors looked exactly like the original - and this is indeed the case.

So, push back in the original connector (there are tabs top and bottom) and connect the black end of the splitter to it. Then push one of the new white ends through the trim again and it looks original, plus the cover will fit.

I also fitted this switched extender. So now, the OBD adapter is hidden away and can be switched on as required.

Edit: I just noticed that the splitter is now out of stock. There are others that look the same, so I'm sure they will fit also.
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