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OBD2 Bluetooth dongle

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I have ordered one of these from eBay...


It cost £7 incl delivery so if it doesn't work then not much lost :)

I want to try it out with the Leaf using the LeafSpy android app and if I can find an app for the Ampera then I would like to try it with that too. Does anyone know of an Android app for the Ampera?

I can't wait to find out the real state of my Leaf battery after 20K miles and 2.5 years. The dealer report is not detailed enough to give me any clue.
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Sure... good tip about the tape and DSR (Distance Selling Rgulations for those wondering :) )

Bluetooth Dongle arrived today so will have a try this weekend. Something sticks in the back of my mind that the Ampera has two OBD connectors, I only know of one in the driver's side footwell, just above the brake pedal or thereabouts, will this one do or do I need to find the other one?
The one in the driver's side footwell is the one I used and it works fine. I just leave it connected all the time.
The Brodit kit is well worth the money. Very high quality and rock solid fit. Worth every penny. Been using it for years and I was surprised and delighted that they had an Ampera bracket out straight away.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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