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I'm switching to their Go Tariff, it should work out marginally cheaper than Outfox the Market for me.
The headline rates for East Midlands are;

0030-0430 5p/kWh
rest of the time 13.72p/kWh
Standing charge 25p/day


Standing charge 25p/day

It's a green tariff and Octopus will fit a smart meter that can read data every half hour. If you're not already an Octopus customer you can sign up for one of their standard tariffs and change over once the smart meter is installed. I've been told that meters are normally installed within a month.

I plan to use the Leaf's built in charge timer to make the most of the 5p rate but Octopus will also organise an install of a MyEnergi Zappi charger for £359 including OLEV grant if you haven't used it up already PRODUCTS | myenergi

There are plenty of referral codes around, if you want to use mine you can save £50, oh, and I get £50 too :)

Split £100 | Octopus Energy
I clicked on your link for Octopus Energy, they then emailed me a quote and I signed up via the emailed quote and now the referral is not linked, I messaged them and they are saying they need your name and email address to manually add the referral! When I used the link below it just says 'Adrian' can you private message me your full name and email address otherwise I have nowhere to go!
21 - 24 of 24 Posts