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As an existing Octopus customer I was sent an email this morning telling me they are celebrating World Octopus Day.

I suspect this is a marketing ploy but in any event Octopus Energy are increasing the 'reward' paid to new customers who switch their electricity to them when using an introduction code from an existing customer . For the next 8 days, the reward is being increased from £50 to £100.

World Octopus Day!
For EIGHT DAYS ONLY, we're doubling referral credit for new customers, so you can give your friends £100

I've already passed this information onto a number of friends , two of which have asked me for an introduction code.

So a heads up to all those who like to spead the word about Octopus and especially the Go & Agile tariffs. I know there are many on this Forum! For the next week your friends could now benefit to the tune of £100 if they switch
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