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Does anyone have any experience using a ODB11 dongle with an ID.4 specifically to turn off the lane assist as I find it disturbing and would very much like to turn it off!

If it is something that can work, which ODB11 dongle do you need as there seem to be a few for models sale on Amazon, some seem to be 'pro' and others not, or have credits, it is all quite confusing.

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Pro allows you to do long coding and adaptions (amount other things). Setting the lane assist to on/off/memory (remembers last setting) is a "one-click app", so that should be available in the free version, with credits.

It takes 10 credits to do so, and I think you can get a free credit every day you open the app. Not 100% sure on that. I bought pro for a year, and got 200 credits with it, and I think you get 10 credits on register. I did 1 "one click app" (10 credits to remove the "online" "offline" welcome screen) and now I have 202 credits left, so I guess I got 2 free credits 🤷‍♂️

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I bought the NextGen basic version with a bundle of credits specifically to do what you want to do. It's straight forward and does not involve any complicated coding etc. Keeping Lane Assist off until you want it is the perfect solution for me. I also suggest buying direct from OBDeleven.

Do you need to leave the dongle plugged in, or can you unplug it once the re-programming is complete?
You just plug in to carry out the actions required, then simply unplug it.
Does anybody have a list of adaptations available in OBD11 for the ID.4?
Click on this link, then just enter your model and you will see what's available.

Hope this helps.
Hope this helps.
Didn't know that exists, that's great thanks!
Didn't know that exists, that's great thanks!
There are also some long coding adaptations you can do.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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