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another scheduled charging question - though quite specific:

I have octopus go so in we-connect my charging location has 'off-peak power' on and the time window set to start 12:30am and end 5:30am. Function is set to charging only i.e. no air con/heating. Octopus go cheap rate is from 12:30am to 4:30am - so in theory charging will start at 12:30 am and end when the battery is full - hopefully before 4:30am though if it goes over (in winter perhaps) then so be it.

I use departure time 1 setting and the others are turned off - Departure time is set to 9am though I assume this is arbitrary as I don't use scheduled heating, I do that manually through the app.

My question is, can someone confirm with confidence that with these settings my car will start to charge at 12:30am and therefore is effectively ignoring my departure time?

I ask because on the odd occasion I don't plug my car in overnight I get an alert from we-connect at 4:02am stating 'a departure time is active, please remember to plug in the charging cable'. This worries me that the car has only started to try and charge at around 4am - anybody else get this alert at a strange time? I'd have thought it would have alerted at 12:30am.

I can't tell with confidence looking at electricity use times on the octopus app as I time quite a few other things to come on over night e.g. washing, dryer, dishwasher etc. I could set an alarm to check at 6:30am perhaps though I was hoping others may have already done some testing around this. I suppose my question boils down to - if off-peak charging is turned on AND the car is only charging and not scheduling the air-con - then is departure time definitely ignored in this scenario?
I have exactly same question as above, did you ever work out if the off peak period over rides the schedule?
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