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Ohme charging issue last night

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I have my Ohme app set to only charge while Octopus Go is on the 5p per kWh window 0030 to 0430.

Last night, I plugged in our Family spec ID3 and it started charging immediately. The usually blue screen of the app was red and the app was seemingly telling the car to charge to 100% (reading as 510 miles - I wish it had that range!).

Something clearly wrong, so I unlock the car and unplug. Checked that max charge was set to 80% within the car itself.

Checked all the scheduling on the app - all appears normal to facilitate a 5p per kWh charge, checked the charger - no communication issues, SIM signal strength all OK etc. Plug in, lock the car, same thing again - immediate charging.

I then resorted to turning the charger off by the Matt-E fuse switch, uninstalling my app and reinstalling it.

Plugged in again, and off it goes, red screen on app, crazy range target value and charging immediately.

After doing all of the above a few more times, I tried one more thing - I unlocked the car, unplugged, locked the car (leaving the plug flap on the car open) and plugged the charger back in, Everything is then as it should be - Ohme status lights cycling green/amber/red as if on but waiting for a schedule to kick in and app screen is blue, as it should be and all indications that it will charge within the 4 hour Octopus Go 5p window. Charge went through as normal over night.

Anyone else ever had these issues while charging with Ohme?

I'm not sure whether the car or the app was at fault. Our Life spec ID3 has a 100% no issues charging record. Our Family has failed to charge overnight once, and now this issue last night. Got to wonder whether it's the car with an occasional communication issue.
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Contact Ohme support. They may be able to check logs for the charger/account and see what happened. The Ohme does what it’s told or, in absence of that, just charges at full rate. If I’m reading your post correctly, the app suggested it was charging to full immediately, so there’s a likely a problem with the backend not implementing the charge settings.
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