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Ohme & e Niro questions

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Took delivery of my e Niro yesterday and as this is my first e car, I have a couple of questions regarding charging
I got the Ohme charger so I could sync it to my OctopusEnergy tariff. Plugged it in to charge and was expected it to show on the app the percentage of charge of the vehicle so would know when it was fully charged. Does it show anywhere?
Also, is it best to charge it daily and make use of the cheaper nighttime tariff rather than charging it, say, every 10 days when it will probably be down to about 20%?
Many thanks- I'm sure I'll have a few more questions in the coming days!
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An occasional charge to 100% is recommended to allow the BMS to balance the individual cells & keep them in tip-top nick. But once I've done that, and let the car sit there for an hour maybe to give it time to do it's thing, I'll run the heating with window open on my drive for a couple of hours to knock it down to 80%, where I'm happy to leave it for days during lockdown. Discovered I can't lock my Ioniq from the outside leaving 2nd key inside it (and window open to let heat out, and me in if necc!!!) to keep electrics on while I do this, so I have to block the car in with wife's C1 to stop anyone nicking it!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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