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Hi all,

Random thought that just came to my mind....I use an Ohme Smart Charger the Octopus Energy (Agile Tariff)...so the new rates for the following day come in around 4pm ish.....so lets say I go out in the AM....come home and plug in my car around 1pm.....will the App/Smart process know to readjust the charging times when the new rates appear? I would have hoped it would have....but I had that situation yesterday...and the car started to charge in the early afternoon....whereas I would have hoped it would know to not charge and wait for the new rates then 'pick' the best time to charge after that.

It almost sounds like I need to not plug in the car until the new rates have been published each day to ensure the Ohme process picks up the new rates...which almost sounds counter productive!

Anybody seen this before?
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