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Firstly, my experience of OLEV is not encouraging. I attended a conference 2 years ago where I met many of the main players at OLEV and the Plugged-in-Places. The general feeling I came away with was one that all the main players viewed EV drivers almost as superficial to the role out of EVs! Nothing much has changed as far as I can see.

None of my opinions found favour at the time and although they have had every opportunity over the past 2 years to engage with drivers they have done nothing as far I can see to do so. Time after time, I see announcements from OLEV and I almost weep as the invitable happens and very few driver requirements are incorporated in policy. It seems to me that OLEV is business focussed, almost entirely, and that means that the money is going out for the benefit of companies and very little benefit filters down to the poor EV drivers.

I am constantly told that OLEV are genuinely interested in drivers but I disagree. If they were then they would make considerably more effort to actively engage with us and until they start to realise that their priority should be on drivers rather than the companies involved, in my opinion, OLEV will not create the environment needed to see EV take up amongst the masses.

So, if OLEV and the other players in the sector are not going to seek out our views and take them on board then if we want to have any influence on how the future of the EV sector pans out we must find a way to force them to sit up and take notice of us.

We really must organise if we want to be able to demand a voice and have any say.

It has started already with the fledgling Electric Vehicle Drivers Association UK (EVDA-UK) and I would urge every EV driver in the country, on this forum and all forums, online and offline, to join the EVDA-UK. It is free to join. Once the EVDA-UK has a significant membership that represents a sizeable percentage of UK EV owners it cannot then just be brushed aside as irrelevent. We need to do whatever it takes to create an organisation that is professional and credible.

Kevin is right in what he said:
The real challenge IMO is that the number of EV drivers is very small and we don't yet have enough people with the time and financial resources required to provide a professional response to OLEV.
It isn't lack of enthusiasm, motivation or even skills that will hold back the creation of a credible EVDA but it may need more resources, both time and money, than it has immediately available to do so. I am hoping that as more and more EV drivers join EVDA-UK that these major barriers to its success can be overcome and we, through it, can finally start to help shape the EV future in the UK.

See evda-uk.org for more info.
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