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2015 Tesla Model S 70
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Since I got hold of this Model S about eight months ago:

a) I am unable to get the ventilation fan setting to start up with the vehicle and remember my setting. Typically I like to ride with the fan at about four, and the vents open to the outside. The vehicle seems to default to a setting of one. I did find a discussion where other drivers are running into this:

However, this doesn't in the end fix the problem, it just explains it. Does anyone have a workaround other than just trying to remember to add an extra step each time I start up the vehicle, and other than waiting for Tesla to get around to realizing that a vehicle that costs in the neighborhood of USD $70k and built by a computer-savvy company should be able to remember what fan speed I want and give it to me, without making me remember to reset it each time I start the vehicle, or go through oxygen deprivation for the first few minutes of every drive, for years.

b) May I ask what strategies others follow to get answers directly from Tesla on this sort of thing? I've been on the phone a few times with them and when I reach the right person it's great, but when I just want some relaxed technical assistance and to ask questions, and not some roadside emergency type of call, I'm not sure how to get in touch (which phone number to dial, which response path to follow in the phone system) with the right people.

c) again, maybe they think they are computer savvy, but they have to this day not been able to fix their computer system so that it properly recognizes the phone number on my account. Oh well.
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