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working on it. . . lots to do by hand.
Yes, I realise.
I used to run something similar many years ago with a couple of other people around the globe.
It all went belly up one day, some sort of corruption but it left about a thousand posts to read enough of to figure out where it went then move it. My share was just over 300, It wasn't the best use of my time I had ever made.
In all honesty there isn't a huge number of Mokka related posts.

Can we also add another sub forum alongside the corsa and mokka ones simply called Vauxhall or Vauxhall misc. Or something along those lines. The reason will be for things like the my vauxhall app which relate directly to vauxhall rather than the corsa or mokka plus it would be where folk might post about newer vauxhall EVs before a sub forum is created for them

Many thanks,

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