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Hi, I'm pretty new here.
I got an Ampera from 2013 with about 47K km.
During the last 3 moths the charging system has work perfectly.
A week ago after some heavy rains (coincidence???) the charger start to behave abnormally. Like is shown in the video


With a huge relay click sound as well.

I brought it in home and let it to "rest" close to a warm place.
Few hours after was running up again.
The issue happenned once again after some rain, so I repeat the process and duck taped the plug in order to seal the plastic junction, worked for another couple of days even with rain.

Now the problem is back and seems to not go away.

If I try plug and Unplug from the wall socket several time hardly and with some luck the car charging engage.
Did someone experienced this with an Ampera or some other model? Some advices?
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