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Is anyone interested in my old OpenEVSE kit? With a 32A Commando input socket and Type-2 socket output ...

I built this originally when I bought my Gen1 Leaf and the dealer "upgraded" me from an EVSE to a Type2 cable (I was too naive to realise what they had done). When I got the Gen2 which came with both EVSE and cable I no longer needed it so (as I had over-specified all the parts) I hacked it apart a bit to make a 32-amp Commando charger and since then have just used it generally for experimenting (as you can probably tell from the holes in the case, duct tape etc.).

Hence while it still powers up, I'd suggest you redo the internal wiring with proper crimps etc. - it's only setup at the moment for some testing I was doing (with the bit of veroboard you can see in the pictures that I plugged into the socket to trigger different states by moving the diode around - so you'd need to open the case to take that out before doing anything else). Since I chopped it all apart and put it back together I've not had it plugged into an actual car so some inspection and testing is essential in case you blow your car up - I'm not taking responsibility if you do!

Also worth noting the concerns raised by Andrew*Debbie over the general OpenEVSE design. Basically, ideal if you know what you're doing and you're happy to take the risks he noted plus redo the dodgy bits of my build. With the collapse in the pound getting a Type-2 socket or the OpenEVSE bits shipped over is rather more expensive than it used to be.

I've also got a second screen for the OpenEVSE. The one fitted is colour, but I bought a monochrome one as well when I wasn't sure about the sunlight readability.

OpenEVSE Kit - Level 2 - 40A Deluxe

It's about $250 to buy the bits, plus the Type-2 socket is another £80 usually.

So if all that hasn't put you off and you're confident you know what you're doing enough to make use of these parts - how's £90 including postage sound?

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