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Outlander PHEV Towing - new record for mpg?

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Managed to get the MPG down to 24.9MPG, doing 60 miles of towing started off with no battery, part of my towing test to see what happens prior to going to France for holiday, gave me a range on a full tank of 160 miles.

Given journey to South of France is about 450 miles hope the average MPG increases otherwise will be doing a few fill ups along the way...
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I've towed my small caravan twice now, it's about 1 ton laden, petrol mpg towing is about 25 mpg not allowing for my initial full charge. Both journeys About 150 miles and involved hills - shap summit and lakes ,and Yorkshire for the TDF. It's important to save charge for the very hilly bits ( as it says in the handbook) the engine works quite hard otherwise . I had an electric hook up on the c/c site and managed to charge up a couple of times by plugging into a standard 13 amp socket in the van with the cable put through the kitchen window, this was a 16 amp site supply , however the van circuit is fused at 10 amp and I thought it might trip, I now know that the phev actualy draws 9.7 kWh over the 5 hours due to 20% charge always being retained in the battery and this puts the load nicely under 10 amps, I was also carefully not to boil the kettle etc, and checked the plug etc for any sign of getting hot. I also tried to be discreet about the charging since allthough the site policy had nothing to say I expect a veto or a charge may be levied sooner or later. Anyway I got 60 miles or so of free sight seeing which makes the towing mpg easier to swallow.
Mine is a GX3h and the best thing since sliced bread - as they probably say in Yorkshire.
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Forgot to mention- the "save" setting is canceled if you stop and switch off during the journey , so when you start off again the battery can get drained without you realising .
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