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Exclusive offer for UK MINI Electric owners

Almost everybody has a MINI story. They learned to drive in one. Their mum or dad was obsessed with them. It was their best friend’s first car…

These stories show one thing: passion. And that passion is still going strong, with 2019 seeing the brand celebrate its 60th anniversary.

When the iconic MINI first launched – way back in 1959 – its design was created in response to the 1956 Suez Canal crisis, an event which led to the rationing of petrol in the UK.

Today, MINI is responding to a new challenge: climate change. That’s right, it’s gone electric. And OVO Energy is supporting this historic moment with an exclusive offer…

The energy plan to match your MINI Electric

Calling all UK owners of the new MINI Electric: make a simple switch from your current energy supplier to OVO’s EV Everywhere bundle and you’ll get:
  • 5,000 free off-peak miles, when charging at home
  • Free Polar Plus membership worth £188, for freedom to charge on the move
  • Our 2 year fixed energy plan with 100% renewable electricity to support your journey to zero-carbon living
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