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With close to 50,000 registered in the UK since 2014, it’s the UK’s most popular plug-in vehicle. 83% of owners would recommend one, and 25% of Outlander PHEV owners say they’re considering a pure electric vehicle for the next vehicle - is this your gateway vehicle towards an all-EV future?

Customers who order and register a new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV between February 1 and March 31 2020 will receive 10,000 free green miles of electric motoring if they switch their domestic supply to OVO Energy’s EV Everywhere bundle, bringing them on the journey to zero-carbon living.

The “Free Green Miles” offer is thanks to collaboration between Mitsubishi Motors in the UK and OVO Energy and further supports Plan Zero, OVO’s sustainability strategy. By offering free miles through home charging, the offer is incentivising customers to cut their carbon emissions by actively encouraging regular charging.

In addition, customers can choose a charging solution that works for them, with either a free OVO Smart Charger or Polar Plus membership included as part of the OVO Energy EV Everywhere bundle. This consistent supply of free green electricity will encourage customers to fully exploit the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV’s electric range of 28 miles (WLTP) - more than enough for the average daily commute of 20 miles to and from work!*

Rob Lindley, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Motors in the UK said: “Driving a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV already brings significant environmental benefits but this offer goes the extra mile – or 10,000 miles, to be exact. Only by partnering with OVO Energy could we make such a bold offer and we hope it will successfully drive our shared ambitions of making transport in the UK more sustainable as quickly as possible.”

Tom Pakenham, Director of Electric Vehicles, OVO Energy commented: "We're excited to collaborate with Mitsubishi Motors to offer OVO Energy customers the opportunity to earn rewards from smart charging their electric vehicle. Our EV Everywhere bundle helps customers have more control over their total energy usage, with a complete at-home and on-the-go energy solution, enabling zero-carbon driving."

You can find your local Mitsubishi Dealer here.

Find out more about the offer and start your switch here.


This is the first initiative borne from the collaboration between OVO Energy and Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, two companies that share similar ambitions to drive sustainability and promote the decarbonisation of transport in the UK.

Travelling 10,000 miles in “Electric Vehicle mode” represents a 1,610 tonne reduction in tailpipe CO2 emissions compared to driving a car that produces 100g/km of CO2, while also reducing noise and pollution in urban areas and stop-go traffic, where combustion-engine vehicles are at their least efficient.

Offer value is calculated using the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV’s Electric Consumption (WLTP Weighted) figure of 3.68 miles/kWh, which equates to 2,717kWh of energy to travel 10,000 miles, referenced against a cost of electricity for the most expensive UK region of 17.55 p/kWh (OVO Energy, correct as of 29/11/2019).

Tariffs vary by geographical location for a variety of reasons, including different line losses and distribution network charges. The offer requires customers to sign up to OVO Energy’s EV Everywhere bundle on a 2 year fixed tariff and equates to £480 worth of free green electricity which the customer receives in the form of 24 monthly credits of £20.

The bundle includes either a free, untethered, 7kW smart charger (worth £400 with a grant) or free BP Chargemaster Polar Plus Membership, worth £188 over two years, allowing access to thousands of UK charge points.

The offer is applicable to new customers only, ordered and registered between February 1 and March 31. The offer is available in conjunction with certain other offers but certain exclusions apply. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

20 mile commute data is sourced from UK Dept. for Transport “Commuting trends in England 1988 – 2015” report and the RAC Foundation “The Car and the Commute” report.
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