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Nobody knows how much an Ampera is going to cost to run for X years. Depreciation will be the largest cost and at present (and for some time) will be the biggest unknown. Glasses Guide are predicting a 3 year residual of 43% but they have nothing to compare it with - it is just guesswork!

In terms of purchase price, I did not consider a BMW/Audi and wanted to get away from a diesel. However, I did test a Lexus CT200H SE-L for a day, which with DAB and metallic paint was close to £32K. With better performance, economy, refinement and warranty, I felt that the Ampera was the better car overall and priced OK in comparison (thanks to the £5K subsidy).

I was happy to take a gamble with the Ampera to be the start of something new and different. I believe that in years to come our Ampera will be looked at as the start of the Range-Extender revolution [maybe].


Paul R
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