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Coming here from the Golf GTE sub forum and I’ve seen these sort of questions asked loads there.....

I've got the opportunity to buy an MY20 HSE through my business and would like some real world feedback. My daily business mileage is circa 80 at best so no issues here. Had a Pod-Point for the last 4 years so all set for home charging but what sort of mileage/efficiency are people getting on a 150 mile trip with a mixture of roads for example? Thinking summer holidays and visits to relatives etc. I’m not concerned with charging in the UK but has anyone travelled across Europe? We visit the Alps and the GTE ate the miles with no concerns but that was on petrol, what’s the charging network like in France for example? Also has anyone run an iPace with roof bars and a box on top? I’ve driven the car and it’s amazing but it still has to function as a family vehicle.

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