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Hi All,

I work with a market Research Company in California, and we're hosting a research study for people who Pre-ordered a Model 3, it's a 20 minute phone interview compensating $75. If you'd like more information or to schedule an appointment please reach me at (818) 530-1013.

There are no qualifications, the only requirement is that you pre-ordered a Model 3.

I understand the solicitation rules, but due to the nature of the study and compensation for a rather short interview i'm hoping the moderators will make an exception <3.

Sorry but this is only for the united states at this time.

I completely understand that you may think this is a scam or something of that nature, and aside from you calling in and gauging for yourself if it's legit or not i can't really do much to prove otherwise, aside from providing the company name and our website, below is a link to the Tesla group on facebook where a number of people participated and "validated" my legitimacy.

Tesla Obsessed Public Group | Facebook

Looking forward to your call, Thank you.
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