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Pain points on owning an EV.
  • Having home charging or access to work charging is a must.
  • The infrastructure here in N. Ireland is attrocious and not getting better quick enough.
  • EVs are more expensive than equivalent ICE versions.
  • EV manufacturers tend to go the cheapest rather than the best option. For example there are 22kW public chargers available but most EVs only suck 11kW (or less) from them.
  • It's a similar story with rapid CCS chargers. The biggest answer to charging queues is rapid charging stations and EVs that can use them to their potential. Watching an EV sipping ~37kW from a 150kW charger is frustrating.
I would see no point in breakdown cover and insurance being included in an all-in-one subsrciption. A standard universal charger type would be nice and thankfully we are getting there with the Type 2 and DC/CCS Combo types. Also make all chargers accept credit/debit without the need for various apps and RFID cards. Again this does seem to be improving,
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